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December 2018 – Advanced Notice of the Group AGM (Saturday 16th March)

The AGM of the North Central Area will be held at Chads Nature Study Centre, HANDSACRE, Armitage, Near Rugeley.  Postcode WS15 4ED (Map Reference 128/103168) on Saturday 16th March 2019, commencing at 2pm.  Signing in for the AGM will commence at 1.30pm.  Notices of Motions, supported by the signatures of twenty-five voting members, shall be submitted in writing to the Area Secretary by 14th January 2019.  There are 4 vacancies.  The retiring Officers are: Brian Lancaster & Marlene Findley who are available for re-election and David & Sheila Harding who may be available for re-election. Nominations for Committee signed by the proposer, seconder and nominee to be submitted to the Area Secretary before the commencement of the meeting.  Please remember your membership cards.

Please note that this is a booked meet so if you want to camp over the weekend, please contact Paul and Janet.  Obviously, all will be welcome at the AGM itself which will take place on the Saturday afternoon.

November 2018 – Reflections from our PRO

The year started off very uncertain but gathered speed and support as a rolling stone gathers momentum – we have ended the season on a high – a reward for Brian who has steered us like a motorhome through fog!  Who needs TV stars when we have our own talent, probably better!  We found the way to the future is ‘positivity’ and as PRO that’s what I’ve tried to provide, very much supported by a team that have strengthened and increased in number to get to where we are now.  Our life at the moment, with the North Central Group, is like going back, not to our childhood but to our teenage years with all the fun, parties, dancing, learning of new skills and meeting people but without any exams!