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PRO Report – Dec 2020

‘Ground Hog’ Report – We have had ‘zoom’ meetings! Thank you Janet and Paul for organising these.

What a year 2020 was.  We started the season in a cosy hall and ended it socially distanced in a field (with a different section), wet under foot, in lovely Yorkshire soil, which we brought home with us as a souvenir, but it was dry over-head.

We have a full programme for 2021 but do not know what we will be allowed to do.  The Meets, at the beginning of the year, currently look doubtful at the time of writing this (end of November) – this includes our AGM.

Even if Meets are cancelled we/special interest sections, and even DA’s, need the support of members to keep social Meets as an option.  Last year several committee members should have changed/been replaced and even more should be replaced in 2021;  the core committee will keep this section operating but we need your help to volunteer as stewards (with the support of the committee) and/or to join/be co-opted on to the committee.

We especially require an auditor for the accounts – for several years we have relied on the services of one auditor (should be 2).  This requires to be a non-committee member to spend a few hours in January to confirm that we have receipts etc. to support the values entered in the accounts and to dispel the rumours that the Treasurer has bought a new van or foreign holiday at the section’s expense.

We hope to be able to meet up with you all soon.